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Dayco Idler/Tensioner Pulleys

Dayco® No Slack™ Idler/Tensioner Pulleys

Designed to replace serpentine and V-belt drive idler and tensioner pulleys.

Dayco’s reputation for top performance idler and tensioner pulleys is the result of the advanced automotive technologies employed in the materials research, design engineering and manufacture of our pulleys.

Specially formulated glass-filled polymers insure a high strength, cooler running, wear resistant “plastic” pulley. The use of state-of-the-art 3-D computer aided design (CAD) and finite element analysis (FEA) guarantees the optimal design and maximum structural integrity for both plastic and steel pulleys. The manufacture of pulleys with smoother surfaces and tighter dimensional tolerances translates into less vibration and therefore longer belt life.

Lifetime lubricated ball bearings and double high temperature seals assure peak bearing performance the most critical element of a pulley’s service life.

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Part numberTypeInside DiameterOutside DiameterWidth
1310816PK Flat Steel17mm90mm30mm
1310826PK Flat Polymer19mm104mm27mm
1310836PK Ribbed Polymer with Flange19mm159mm29mm
1310846PK Ribbed Polymer with Flange17mm76mm28mm
1310856PK Flat Polymer17mm78mm26mm
1310876PK Ribbed Polymer with Flange19mm131mm30mm
1310906PK Flat Polymer17mm95mm26mm
1310916PK Flat Steel17mm90mm25mm
1310956PK Ribbed Polymer with Flange17mm68.8mm 
890016PK Flat Polymer with Flange17mm90mm31mm
890036PK Flat Polymer with Flange17mm76mm26mm
890076PK Flat Steel17mm76mm31mm
890087PK Ribbed Polymer with Flange17mm76mm26mm
890106PK Flat Polymer17mm82mm26mm
890126PK Ribbed Polymer with Flange17mm90mm23mm
890146PK Ribbed Polymer with Flange17mm109mm23mm
890156PK Ribbed Polymer with Flange17mm70mm23mm
890168PK Flat Steel17mm76mm37mm
890176PK Flat Polymer17mm76mm26mm
890186PK Flat Polymer17mm90mm27mm
8902013A Single V17mm94mm13mm
890266PK Flat Steel17mm100mm28mm
890294PK Ribbed Steel with Flange17mm70mm16mm
8903511A Single V12mm95mm10mm
8903613A Single V17mm81mm13mm
890375PK Flat Polymer17mm76mm22mm
890384PK Ribbed Steel with Flange12mm70mm16mm
8903913A Single V12mm81mm13mm
890427PK Flat Polymer with Dual Bearing8mm70mm28mm
890436PK Flat Polymer with Dual Bearing8mm70mm26mm
890446PK Flat Polymer with Dual Bearing8mm80mm25mm
890457PK Flat Polymer with Dual Bearing9mm80mm28mm
890466PK Flat Polymer with Dual Bearing10mm70mm25mm
890488PK Flat Steel17mm90mm39mm
890494PK Ribbed Steel with Flange17mm80mm16mm
890526PK Flat Steel17mm70mm29mm
890538PK Ribbed Steel with Flange17mm76mm38mm
890547PK Ribbed Polymer with Flange17mm90mm26mm
890556PK Flat Steel17mm100mm30mm
890596PK Flat Steel17mm76mm32mm
890706PK Ribbed Polymer with Flange17mm64mm26.6mm
890724PK Ribbed Steel with Flange25.7mm60mm19mm
890756PK Flat Polymer15mm85mm25mm
890766PK Flat Polymer25.7mm90mm25mm
890776PK Flat Polymer with Bracket8mm70mm28mm
890786PK Flat Polymer8mm70mm28mm
890808PK Ribbed Polymer with Flange8mm64mm33.5mm
890816PK Flat Polymer12mm80mm25mm
890836PK Ribbed Polymer with Flange8mm64mm23mm
890866PK Ribbed Polymer with Flange14.6mm64mm26mm