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Dayco Idler/Tensioner Pulleys Heavy Duty

Dayco® Gold Label® No Slack™ Heavy Duty Idler/ Tensioner Pulleys

Designed to replace idler and tensioner pulleys for serpentine drives in heavy duty diesel engine applications
The performance demands of original equipment manufacturers of over-the-road trucking and off-road equipment require a “built for punishment” heavy duty construction. That’s why they specify Dayco. Dayco Gold Label No Slack™ Heavy Duty Pulleys are manufactured from steel, powdered metal, or engineered polymer materials to afford wear resistance under harsh environments and feature double pressed-in bearings and retainer to provide long life despite the shock loads experienced in diesel engine applications.

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Part numberTypeInside DiameterOutside DiameterWidth
8910110PK Flat Steel17mm74mm39mm
8910210PK Flat Steel17mm74mm46mm
891038PK Ribbed Steel with Flange17mm74mm28mm
891058PK Flat Steel17mm74mm33mm
8910610PK Flat Steel17mm87mm39mm
891078PK Ribbed Steel with Flange17mm119mm28mm
8910810PK Ribbed Polymer with Flange17mm74mm39mm
8910910PK Flat Steel with Dual Bearing17mm74mm42.5mm
891119PK Flat Steel20mm74mm34.8mm
891128PK Ribbed Steel with Flange (17mm to 10mm reducer)17mm74mm33mm
891206PK Ribbed Steel with Flange17mm81mm29.6mm
APV10428PK Flat Polymer10mm70mm32mm
APV10436PK Flat Polymer10mm65mm29mm
APV106012PK Flat Steel12mm74mm47mm
APV10858PK Flat Steel21.8mm65mm32mm
APV10868PK Flat Steel10mm65mm32mm
APV11038PK Flat Steel27.8mm106.5mm34mm
APV11118PK Flat Polymer20mm74mm38.3mm
APV11198PK Ribbed Polymer with Flange11mm80mm34mm
APV11218PK Flat Polymer11mm74mm32mm
APV115210PK Flat Steel20mm74mm42mm
APV23818PK Ribbed Polymer with Flange19.5mm80.6mm33.8mm
APV238410PK Ribbed Steel with Bracket 73mm38.4mm
APV238710PK Flat Steel20mm74mm38mm
APV239410PK Flat Polymer with Flange17;10mm95mm40mm
APV240110PK Ribbed Steel with Flange17mm74.8mm35mm
APV24039PK Flat Steel20mm73.9mm34mm
APV24208PK Ribbed Polymer with Flange12mm101mm30mm
APV26248PK Flat Steel10mm90mm32mm
APV26458PK Flat Polymer10mm95.4mm32.5mm
APV273010PK Flat Polymer11mm74mm39mm
APV273410PK Ribbed Steel with Flange 78.8mm41.5mm
APV277610PK Flat Steel10mm78.5mm37.5mm
APV281110PK Ribbed Polymer with Flange17mm74.7mm39.4mm
APV281210PK Flat Steel17mm78mm38.35mm
APV28188PK Flat Steel12mm75mm33mm
APV285110PK Flat Steel with Dual Bearing43mm80mm45mm
APV29699PK Flat Steel20mm70mm35.5mm
APV297110PK Flat Steel12mm65mm36mm
APV306410PK Flat Steel17mm74mm39mm
APV313010PK Flat Steel 78mm38mm
APV314410PK Flat Polymer 78mm38mm