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DAYCO® Plastic Heater Hose Connectors

Designed for use in making various replacement heater hose configurations, Dayco’s Heater Hose Connectors accommodate 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8” and 3/4” hose I.D.s and feature a unique barbed end profile to insure a leak-proof seal. These glass filled nylon connectors are compatible with all traditional coolants and fuels. Dayco Hose Connectors are available in straight, “Y”, elbow, tee and reducing configurations. A circumferential flange provides a hose stop that assures the hose is inserted to the proper depth. Anti-rotation ribs are molded into the connectors to prevent hose rotation or twisting.

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Part numberDescription
80650Straight Connector 6.35mm
80651Straight Connector 9.52mm
80652Straight Connector 12.7mm
80653Straight Connector 15.87mm
80654Straight Connector 19.05mm
80660Reducer Connector 12.7-9.52mm
80661Reducer Connector 15.87-12.7mm
80662Reducer Connector 19.05-15.87mm
80670Elbow Connector 6.35mm
80671Elbow Connector 9.52mm
80672Elbow Connector 12.7mm
80673Elbow Connector 15.87mm
80674Elbow Connector 19.05mm
80680Tee Connector 6.35mm
80681Tee Connector 9.52mm
80682Tee Connector 12.7mm
80683Tee Connector 15.87mm
80684Tee Connector 19.05mm