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Harmonic Balancer Removal and Installation Kit

DAYCO® Harmonic Balancer and Fitment and Removal Tool Kit

The Powerbond harmonic balancer tool kit was designed to remove and fit harmonic balancers quickly and easily without causing damage to the crankshaft or the balancer. Most Harmonic balancer tools will only remove the balancer then requiring a separate tool for reinstallation. The Powerbond tool kit is an all in one removal tool which can easily be changed to an installation tool by reversing the pull plate.
The 52 piece kit comes with all the necessary components to remove and fit the harmonic balancer squarely on and off the crankshaft without causing binding. Fits most popular makes and models. Kit includes the following -

Puller Bolts -

2 x 5/16" UNC x 6”
3 x 5/16" UNC x 3-1/2”
2 x 5/16" UNF x 3”
3 x 3/8" UNF x 1-1/2"
2 x 1/4" UNF x 2-1/2”
3 x 3/8" UNC x 3”
2 x 3/8" UNC x 4-1/2”
3 x 3/8" UNC x 2”
2 x M8 x 65mm
2 x M8 x 90mm
3 x M8 x 45mm
3 x M10 x 35mm

Crank threaded adaptor stud -

1 x M16 X 2.0
1 X M14 X 1.5
1 X M12 X 1.5
1 X 3/4" UNF
1 X 5/8" UNF
1 X 9/16" UNF
1 X 1/2" UNF
1 X 7/16 UNF

Download the Installation Instructions

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Part numberDescription
HBTK001Harmonic Balancer Removal & Install Kit
HBTK002Harmonic Balancer Removal Kit