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Drive Belts Vee

Dayco was the first to develop the raw edge sidewall construction V-belt, which facilitated controlled slippage around pulleys.

Top Cog® V-belts
Raw edge construction is combined with the Dayco patented cogged top design to ensure the top performance that today’s vehicles and drivers demand. The Dayco Top Cog® V-belt delivers more flexibility, and increases airflow around the belt, so it runs cooler and lasts longer than competitors' V-belts. Three plies of neoprene impregnated fabric resist heat, oil, and grease, and a specially formulated treatment of the polyester cord provides strength, stability, and reliability.

Gold Label V-belts
Top Cog® Gold Label® V-belts – the gold standard of performance - are the industry leader in truck and heavy duty applications. Designed with greater absorbance to shock load that is prevalent in diesel engines, Gold Label® has a higher resistance to heat, oil, grease and contaminants than any other V-belt on the market.

Part numbering system

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Part numberDescription
06A0990V-belt TOP COG®
10A0550CV-belt internal cog, laminated back
10A0605CV-belt internal cog, laminated back
10A0625CV-belt internal cog, laminated back
10A0650CV-belt internal cog, laminated back
10A0665CV-belt internal cog, laminated back
10A0675CV-belt internal cog, laminated back
10A0725CV-belt internal cog, laminated back
10A0770CV-belt internal cog, laminated back
10A1250CV-belt internal cog, laminated back
10A1350CV-belt internal cog, laminated back
11A0528CV-belt internal cog, laminated back
11A0545V-belt TOP COG®
11A0570V-belt TOP COG®
11A0595V-belt TOP COG®
11A0610V-belt TOP COG®
11A0620V-belt TOP COG®
11A0635V-belt TOP COG®
11A0650V-belt TOP COG®
11A0660V-belt TOP COG®
11A0685V-belt TOP COG®
11A0700V-belt TOP COG®
11A0710V-belt TOP COG®
11A0725V-belt TOP COG®
11A0735V-belt TOP COG®
11A0740V-belt TOP COG®
11A0750V-belt TOP COG®
11A0755V-belt TOP COG®
11A0760V-belt TOP COG®
11A0770V-belt TOP COG®
11A0775V-belt TOP COG®
11A0785V-belt TOP COG®
11A0800V-belt TOP COG®
11A0815V-belt TOP COG®
11A0825V-belt TOP COG®
11A0840V-belt TOP COG®
11A0850V-belt TOP COG®
11A0865V-belt TOP COG®
11A0875V-belt TOP COG®
11A0880V-belt TOP COG®
11A0885V-belt TOP COG®
11A0890V-belt TOP COG®
11A0900V-belt TOP COG®
11A0910V-belt TOP COG®
11A0915V-belt TOP COG®
11A0920V-belt TOP COG®
11A0925V-belt TOP COG®
11A0940V-belt TOP COG®
11A0950V-belt TOP COG®
11A0950MV-belt internal cog, laminated back matched pair